We'd build and design you applications that will influence people and erase your competitor's competitiveness. We design a simple, user-friendly interface that flawlessly runs and gets the job done. Our UX/UI Design combines iterative thinking, data-driven problem solving, and a big-picture vision to get to the core of what users need. To build solutions that drive engagement and growth, we pursue an iterative process that uses divergent and convergent thinking throughout research and development. We design and prototype solutions, testing them with end users to evaluate their success and determine next steps. Every small interaction, from animations to microcopy, is designed to delight the end users. This process optimizes the design to address user needs and transform their digital journey.


  • Strategy Workshop
  • Defining User Persona & Empathy Mapping
  • Analyzing Competitor Landscape
  • Architecting Information
  • Sketches & Wireframing
  • Defining UI Guidelines

Design development at REDEVIT DIGITAL SERVICES is not about a separate stage of development. It is closely integrated with business analysis and definition of requirements. Business Analyst processes information for UX/UI designers. The designer starts the work by understanding the solution and cooperating with BA who defines marketability, helps in achieving goals with the design.

The first thing a client has in the hand is a visual picture of what he wants. Our design services are done carefully, our UI/UX Designers commit to project success, each step is negotiated with the client. We receive directions from clients, we hear their requirements and deliver solutions that would suit the identity of the owner, and convey the concept hidden behind.

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